Our Team

Johana Duarte

Marketing Manager
(Social Diva)

James Aschehoug

(The story maker turning
dreams into stories)

Jean Clauteaux

(The dream wizard)

Maru Blanco

Administrative manager
(Doing all the paperwork)

Gary Ahing

Software Developer
(One of the geeks)

Mara Ramirez

Legal Advisor
(Reading the small print)

María Fernanda Castro

Administrative and Accounting assistant

Daniel Vargas

(Making things look good)

Fabiana Aciego

Marketing chief
(Social Fairy)

Doug Olivares

Multimedia Content Creator
(the eye of the photographer)

Juan Fuentes

Software Developer
(one of the hackers)

Kanchan Dhankani

Visual Communication
(Telling us what good looks like)

Wil Colmenares

Finance officer
(The calculator’s best friends)

Marie Aschehoug-Clauteaux

Press Officer
(Word Goddess)

Miguel Graterol

Software Developer

Joana Herrera

(The marketing hippie)

Abraham Milano

Chief technology officer

Dayana Rodrigues

Software Developer
(One of the Geeks)

Johana Cardozo


Sarah Díez

Asistent Design

Carlos Serrada

Software Developer

Pedro Villarreal

Software Developer

Daniel Rivetti

Software Developer

Luis Torrealba

Business Developer Mexico