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  • Gallery / Galería
    This is our space!  It’s important to consider the conectivity between the proposed program and the existing eviroments of the Campus: the Uriji Coffee, the orchard and the wood tables which are currently used as a lunch space for the collaborators. Any programmatic inclusion can be changed
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    Uriji? Who are they and why are they doing this contest? We are Uriji Jami, a startup where we created ‘‘Uriji’’ – a web platform and app that works like a social network where users connect by sharing their experiences and their projects. Your stories are everything you’ve lived: your
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  • Español: Uriji Campus Young Architech Contest
      ¿Uriji? ¿Quiénes son y por qué organizan este concurso? Somos Uriji Jami, una startup donde creamos “Uriji” una plataforma web y app que funciona como una red social, donde los usuarios conectan compartiendo sus experiencias y sus proyectos. Tus historias son todo aquello que has vivido:
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