In the world, there are thousands of persons that, just like you, have lived many experiences to become what they are now, people who have cultivated themselves in the search of making a dream come true. The truth is that life could not be lived if we were not motivated, if there did not exist that flame which drives us to wake up every day to work, to be who we want to be, to help others, to improve. That is the essence of URIJI JAMI, to create real and deep connections that allow society to grow in an egalitarian way, supporting each other, because helping someone achieve something does not take away from you, it makes you stronger.

That premise is what gives rise to this space, a place where you can meet @urijijami from the inside. Entering to its world through stories, where the experiences of amazing people around the world will serve as a guide to undertake your own adventures. In dreams, you will know what are the goals, projects and desires of thousands of people who have dared to share their deepest desires with the hope of creating valuable connections to help them cultivate their stories and reach their goals.

You can also find exclusive interviews in the heroes section, content about people who are definitely setting the tone for many others who want to make this world a better place. Do not let your flame go out, stay motivated and share your dreams and stories through this community!!!