Uriji? Who are they and why are they doing this contest?

We are Uriji Jami, a startup where we created ‘‘Uriji’’ – a web platform and app that works like a social network where users connect by sharing their experiences and their projects.

Your stories are everything you’ve lived: your anecdotes, your profession, your travels, etc. Every experience is valuable. In Uriji you can share your stories for free or sell them at a price of your choice. You can also share your projects. When posting a dream, you establish the date in which you want to accomplish it and receive the help to do so. It can go from an advice to a donation through PayPal. This help will come from people that are interested in your dream or that simply have the good will to help you.

In Uriji we know that imagination makes the action possible, and we have created this contest with the goal to give you, young architects, the opportunity to discover the elements that inspire you to dream! Therefore, using your creativity, you’ll give life to your dreams through an architectural piece to be built inside the Uriji Campus and the place where we all work together to make dreams real.

How will the contest take place:

The event is a brainstorming contest, the ideas will be submitted as a preliminary project that will be judged by a jury, this intervention will be open only in one phase. The goal is to fit out the Uriji Campus with the concept “The architecture that inspires your dreams”

How to participate:

We want to see your ideas! Create a proposal for the enhance of the working area, user experience and outdoors of the Uriji Campus. Consider its needs and create an architectonic image that identifies the Uriji platform concept.

Design a functional space that adapts itself to the practical needs of the campus, working in a eco-friendly perspective, including the usage of recycled materials. To do so, the spaces that you must consider are:

  • Amphitheater: On the garden, an open space that can congregate approximately 100 people. It must have protection against the sun and the rain.
  • UX Lab: User experience lab, located on the garden, must count with a working area for approximately 6 workers, including a space to conduct reunions with invited users for investigation purposes. It must have a visual connection between the indoors and the outdoors.
  • BOX: The boxes are a space for outdoor activities like meditation or yoga, that can be conducted individually or in groups according to their distribution. Each box should be able to be treated like an independant extension and must be easily moved by one person. The contestants can omit that last part if they provide a solid justification.

It is important to consider the connectivity between the proposed program and the already existing environments like the house, the Uriji Coffee and the orchard. Any programmatical incorporation can be added according to the contestant’s criteria.

For the proper conduct of the program it is fundamental to know the concepts and principles of the development of the Uriji social network and this way create and architectonic image that identifies with the same ideology as Uriji.


Registration opening: July 27th, 2018

Registration closure : August 24th, 2018

Project submission deadline: September 23rd, 2018 (11:59 p.m., Caracas, Venezuela time)

Results announcement: October 8th, 2018


1st place: 500$ + Evaluation of the construction budget for elaboration on the Uriji Campus, based in caracas, Venezuela + publication

2nd place: 300$ + publication

3rd place: 100$ + publication

Registration and regulation:

The project must be developed in English OR Spanish. The registration is totally free. To know the regulation, the project development criteria, the requirements and the submission format you must be officially registered.

We invite all students from international architecture schools, from third to last year to submit their ideas to enhance the Campus Uriji.

The contest has free access to everyone who is interested and you can participate as a team of two people (no more) or individually.

How to register:

Create an account on the Uriji platform, one account for each contestant in case it’s a team of two. The username will be the code that you must use in both the registration form and the identification of the project submission.  The username must be like the following example: Arq_nameandlastname

To formalize the inscription, go to the UCYAC profile on the Uriji platform and download the form posted on the story named “UCYAC Registration”, and send it to ucyac.info@gmail.com

Once you the form is sent, we will respond with a link containing the data base of the campus (Blueprints AutoCAD,  Tour Virtual and pictures).

Contact and questions:

If you have any question, email us right away to: ucyac.info@gmail.com or contact us through our social networks @UCYAC (Uriji, Facebook, Instagram).

Click here and download the registration form. 

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