Fun at Work Day

As we grow older, it is more difficult for us to enjoy the moment as children do. We left the student world behind to immerse ourselves into the working life. Something that at the age of 5 seemed like dream, ended up being a nightmare for a lot of people. For that reason, in 1996 a US consulting agency named “Playfair”, which offers advice on the application of humor at work, created the “Fun at Work Day”.

Since that moment, every April 1st people all over the world remind each other that work does not have to be boring. Instead, a recent study of 2,000 employees, showed that integrating fun into the workplace reduces absences and stress increasing productivity, so that mental health can be preserved despite hostilities. The study was conducted by Professor Sir Cary Cooper with Bright HR, an online and mobile app which records, monitors and manages all business people data: from sickness and holidays to rotas and shifts.

According to the mentioned study, 79% of graduates believe fun at work is important and 44% percent believe it encourages a stronger work ethic. That is why highly recognized companies such as: Google and Facebook apply “fun policies” to produce greater job satisfaction and increased employee loyalty as two major benefits.

Following that lead, Uriji’s founders set their minds into making their team’s lives easier and more fun, providing them with what we like to call “The Campus.” A beautiful house filled with magic.

Also, the garage was remodeled and it’s where the tech team makes it all happen. For those who enjoy nature, there is an enormous yard where you can sit and work while you’re being charged with solar energy. Since the team is more like an #urijifamily, most of the time, Jean Clauteaux

makes room in his busy life for an “extracurricular activity” with the employees

If you are looking for a nice place to work, Uriji is the perfect fit for you, or even if you’re just interested in knowing how to make your actual place of work more fun, follow the tips shared by Forbes.

5. Celebrate Birthdays and work anniversaries.

4. Incorporate mindfulness practices on a regular basis.

3.Embrace celebrations and appreciations.

2. Share community service experiences.

1. Create games/contests for your company values.

Now you know, there is no such a thing as a bad day at work if you bring fun to it!!!

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