International Day of Happiness

How often do you tell yourself “I just want to be happy” or how often have you said to someone else, “I just want you to be happy”. In life, those thoughts round our minds many times but just some of us stop for a second to consider what “being happy” really means. The truth is that there are several definitions to that concept.

In philosophy, happiness is translated from the Greek concept of eudemonia. Etymologically, it consists of the words “eu” (good) and “daimōn” (spirit). It refers to the good life or human flourishing. In psychology, happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being which can be defined by, among others, positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

Religion has its own definitions of that term and it can vary from one religion to the other. For example: Buddhism believes that ultimate happiness is only achieved by overcoming craving in all forms.  

In any case, there are some main topics that need to be solved for people to be able to achieve that happiness,  That’s why in 2013 The United Nations declared March 20th as the International Day of Happiness. Its aim is to end poverty, reduce inequality and protect our planet, which are human basic needs, so that people can pursue their life purpose or life goals.

Generally, to achieve those goals people surround themselves with other human beings. The reason: “Man is a social being by nature” Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC). That’s why we attribute a big importance to create good interpersonal relationships.

Another important factor on this topic is the fact that we live in a digital age. Thus, we spend a lot of time connected through social media. But that is fine! Our virtual relationships also add up to our lives.

For that reason, we want to encourage you to find those virtual tools that will help you maintain quality virtual relationships. The thing is, how can you identify them? They usually have the following characteristics:

  • A place to share your life path and make it count
  • A platform where, when you share your dreams, others join, both economically and emotionally
  • A community that needs your experiences to create their own
  • A space where you can create real connections, keep in touch and maintain a friendship with those who nurture you and motivate you.
  • A social network which promotes the generation of quality content, in order for you to generate incomes.


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