If you want to help others Uriji will be your best ally!!!

Which do you think is the real difference between animals and us? Probably your answer will be: we are a rational species. Yes! Thanks to that, we are able to think and to be conscious that there are different realities in our society, some of them we have never experienced.

Consciousness is at the heart of Uriji’s essence. People who are part of this community are aware of others people’s lives and want to help them live them in the best way possible. We know you are one of those who constantly feel the need to take action to face problems. Therefore, we want to give you an example of how great is the power you have if helping is your goal.

Last December @angelamr posted a dream in this platform. She told us that she had had the dream of spending Christmas night sharing with people who, for one reason or another, do not have the opportunity to celebrate that date with their family and with all the details, food and gifts that we all love so much.

She did a little research about the matter and just in one day, Angela Ramirez managed to arrange a meeting with the children. In addition, by publishing her purpose in Uriji, many joined her cause and made that an invaluable experience.

Together, Uriji’s members achieved to bring children some Christmas treats to share and they made a couple of activities to have fun during Christmas Eve. Also, each one of the kids received a gift and other things they need permanently: nutritional drinks and diapers.

See? There have always been tools to help if that is your will. The difference between the past and the present is that today, those tools are practically available to everyone. It is also possible to find many people who feel like you and want to join your cause.

As we believe it is important to improve those tools and make them more accessible, more usable and more practical for people by the time, we have just launched a new version of Uriji where the content you share and the content you find is adapted to your interests and is also sorted out by language. Isn’t that cool? We’re changing our app every now and then to make it better for you, to be a real channel of help and connection between our users.

So, what do you think? As you can see, if you are feeling the need to help, do not hesitate! Together we can achieve it and sometimes it only takes a day to reach the goal so, what are you waiting for?

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