Have you heard the phrase “sustainable development” many times but you still do not know what it is?

Sustainable development is about finding better ways of doing things, both for the future and the present. Actually, the world needs our help! It is important for us as a society, to start taking responsibility for our actions. If we create awareness in relation to this topic, we will be able to improve our quality of life and ensure the same living conditions for future generations.

Economy, society or fashion are just a few examples to what this concept can be related to. The differential factor is the use of strategies for employing existing resources optimally so that, a responsible and beneficial balance can be achieved over the time. If you are interested in being part of the change, keep reading! We’ll tell you about the Swedish example. According to RobecoSAM, a specialist in Sustainability Investing, by October 2017, the country occupied the first place in the Country Sustainability Ranking, followed by Finland and Norway.

For Sweden to achieve the first place, they shifted from oil to district heating in the early 1990’s. Centralizing the way buildings are heated and cooled through a main source, is perhaps the single most important factor in explaining the country’s reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, both in the housing and service sector. This means the central plant can be advanced to use more sustainable and clean forms of fuel.

Also, there is a mix of modern architecture and ecological sustainability. In a district named Västra Hamnen, which is part of Malmö they have an innovative waste management system using vacuum suction to transport household waste into a central tank underground. That way, dustcarts don’t have to drive through residential areas.

On the other hand, Augustenborg district has also implemented a large solar energy project where photovoltaic solar panels have been installed on both public and private buildings to harness energy. There is also, sustainability through urban farming. Residents share a piece of land cultivated into gardens where they grow fruits and vegetables.

This last one makes us think of a fantastic initiative going on in Venezuela right now:  Project @NISPERO. We’re talking about the first sustainable farm in Venezuela. It was born in 2014, in “La Esperanza,” when Ivan Salerno abandoned his life of comfort and dare to pursue a dream.

The farm is located in the south of Maracaibo’s lake. It is the point where the southern plain of the lake meets the Andes mountain range. Actually, Mr. Salerno’s sons have taken his place. Embracing the love for their lands, people and roots, the two brothers Daniel and Fernando, founded that place. Their purpose: to use natural resources, maximizing environmental conditions and increasing profitability, in order to change the way of doing things in the livestock world.

Venezuela and Sweden are too far from being alike countries when it comes to sustainability, but those guys have taken advantage of a crisis to incorporate the majority of the rural poor in their region into the path of sustainability and contribute to social progress.

What are you doing in your own country to support sustainable development? Remember, it is never too late to do things right! You’ve got the power!

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