Pecha Kucha Nights Caracas vol.8

PechaKucha Nights started in Tokyo as informal and fun gatherings where creative people get together and share their ideas, work, thoughts or holiday snaps. They were invented in 2003 by the cofounders of Klein Dytham architecture. Their objective was to show 20 images, for 20 seconds each. The images appear automatically and the speaker talks along with the images.

This format has gone viral and now it is happening in over 1000 cities around the world. It does not matter if you have just graduated from college. If you have finished your first project in the real world,  Pecha Kucha Nights will open its doors so you can show everyone what you are made of.

Some Pecha Kucha Nights may have specific topics. This time, during the 8th edition of the Pecha Kucha Night caracas, it was all about creative people that keep the world moving. Yes! We are talking about Orange Economy: a creative economy based on how people use their creative imagination to increase an idea’s value. John Anthony Howkins is the British author and speaker on Creative Industries, who developed that concept in 2001.

The 8th edition of Pecha Kucha Night was held in Caracas, Venezuela on February 22, 2018. The poet and chronicler, Willy Mckey took us through the stories of ten creative Venezuelans:

Claudia Lizardo, from the @Pequenarevancha. This girl is all about melodies, songs, compositions and presentations made 100% with Venezuelan talent. Gala Garrido, @Galagalo an artist and photographer, who loves to read and is a believer of the feminine power. José Lasses, with his project named @Cusicavzla. He likes music so much that he turned it into a full-time job. Frida Ayala @Ayalafrida a Designer and lecturer who is passionate about climbing. There was also the amazing drum maker and confirmed musician Grammy winner, Ricardo Parra @Parradrums.

We met two guys who love music: Otto Ballaben @ottoballaben and Alejandro Calmen @entornodiscos @calmenorama, who are faithful believers of independent music and freedom of recording. Also, we got to know a woman who left everything to follow her dreams. She is Adriana Herrera @viajaelmundo, a person who loved her country so much that became a traveling journalist as a full-time job. And of course our beloved Jean Clauteaux, Co-founder of the 1st social network made in Venezuela.

There had to be someone who talks about how to protect creative minds,  so Rafael Ortín was invited as a lawyer who is specialized in copyright and intellectual property.

Just like Uriji does, this space allows societies all over the world to tell their dreams and stories. The important thing is to show others that despite of what most people say, your ideas have value! That definitely can make the world go round!

We have already created the platform! Now it is up to you to start sharing your dreams and stories so people can see them. Believe us, they will be more than happy to support you, just like Pecha Kucha does!

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