How to match with your future donator, partner or friend

You might have joined the Uriji community looking for inspiration and support to become who you want to be. Having that in mind, we’d like to help you understand the difference between dreams and wishes.  If you’re aware of the value of sharing your dreams on this platform, it will be easier to match with your future donator, partner or friend!

Life is full of dreams and wishes: they keep us moving and growing. Every aspiration we have makes us wake up every day to keep building our future. However, sometimes we take dreams for grounded because we’re giving too much attention to wishes.

A wish generally refers to something tangible, or a thing that money can buy. While a dream is much more than that, because it could also change other people’s life. Without a doubt, both of them are important, so let’s use the tools we have to help each other grow, to become better humans and make an impact.

We believe the secret of living, is giving. Take advantage of Uriji to give others the opportunity to get to know you, show your true self and connect!

We think of wishes like little pieces that are fitting in the path to achieve a dream. For example: you want to become a great photographer, so you post a dream explaining why that is important to you. In your dream description, you add those wishes or pieces that you need in order to achieve that goal, such like buying a camera, to get in touch with someone that wants his or her photograph taken, to rent a studio, to find an assistant or any kind of support that will bring you closer to become who you want to be. You might also just turn those wishes into little dreams, however you like!

At the end, people might be more interested in helping you if you show them you’re following your dreams, so you have something worth sharing with others. We’re a community where action, inspiration and meaning are truly valuable.

Now you know! It is not that, for example, you don’t need a new phone to achieve your goal, but that is a wish, a little piece of your dream. Now is time for you to start going for your bigger purposes, your dreams!


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