Fall in Love with Others’ Dreams and Stories

The month of love has finally arrived! Bringing with it that usual question: What does it mean to “be in love”? In order to find some answers, this February 14th the #UrijiTeam is meeting at Franca, a fabulous coffeehouse in Caracas, to give away some coffees in exchange of some dreams and stories. Any coffee lover is invited to join.

The idea of the “Uriji Coffee” experience started last year when some members of the team traveled to Rio, Brazil. We wanted to visit local coffee shops in order to share a cup of coffee with new users and invite them to post some dreams and stories in Uriji. We ended up bringing that idea to Caracas, where we finally made it happen last December! That brought us to this idea: why not create a special edition of the Uriji Coffee on Valentine’s Day??? 

We usually think that, if we are lucky enough, life will bring us closer to someone who will appreciate us for who we are, and who can relate to what we’re passionate about. In Uriji, we thought that sometimes destiny needs a little help, some inspiration,  so we decided to play Cupid this year! At the end, spreading love through a cup of coffee is always a good idea!

If you knew that your potential significant other will be able to learn about your dreams and stories, how would you feel? We think that it would be a very authen(roman)tic way to connect with others! Who says a love story cannot start with a “follow”?   ❤

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