You found interesting the idea of making your life the capital of the future. That means now you have officially become an #uriji. However, there may be still some questions that come into your mind when you think about sharing a story or a dream in Uriji. The most common one is: Why would anyone want to buy my stories?

The answer is very simple: someone else may have the same experiences you have but nobody has lived them the way you did, which gives your perspective that extra twist. As we’ve told you before, this community is about finding a fresh way to experience life. In Uriji people are rewarded for sharing their past experiences and future aspirations. As a result, we evolve, not only as individuals but as a society.

That brings us to this: the secret ingredient to make people want to buy your stories is to realize the positive influence you can have on other people’s lives. When it’s time to share your dreams and stories in Uriji, try seeing yourself as an #influencer and to show your audience what you’re made of in each post. Let us explain you how:

As an influencer, you are a person that…


Every day of your life leaves you a piece of knowledge. It doesn’t matter if it’s something good or something you learned from a bad experience. The truth is that you’re able to influence someone who may be needing those particular advices.


Sharing your true stories is already an inspiration. You have the potential to motivate another human being to do something, to try something new. Take advantage of this opportunity to use your life as a guide for others. There are probably some people out there wanting to follow the path you’ve already walked.

Next, what are you made of?

You are a leader

Instead of sharing empty posts, Uriji is the place where you take the time to build a better reflection of yourself. The aim is to show others the way you do things through your content. As a leader you will inspire others to generate creative and quality content too.

Quality content is a key factor. The way you say things is what makes other users connect with you. Be creative, think outside the box, that’s what moves today’s society. People will want to buy your stories if you make them feel they will actually add value to their lives.

So go: think about the main topics you know in life. Starting from that, take a moment to realize: what would you have done differently? What advices would have saved you time? Then go and give others that. Show them through your experiences how to build a better life, how to make things easier and take advantage of any situation.

Once you have found the idea, you can have fun creating the best material you imagine. Get creative: use pictures, videos or written documents, the most important thing is to SHARE them!

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