Virtualtoo by Clarisa Capiello

Life is full of opportunities to learn. Every person, place and situation has a story to tell. Stories can change lives, they’re a source of motivation and inspiration, this is why today we want to share Clarisa Capiello’s story with you. 

Clarissa is a 22-year-old girl who has been the first to explore Virtual Reality in Venezuela. It all started in 2016 when she met someone who wanted to support her dreams. That’s how her project “Virtual Too” started. Virtual Too is a virtual reality production company dedicated to create unforgettable and creative experiences, in the corporate, commercial or entertainment fields.

The first year was all about creating the foundations of the company. She wanted to have a group of excellent people working for the same goal, that was how five more Venezuelan youngsters joined the team: Luis Urbina was in charge of the camera, Antonella Noguera and Victor Rajbe were in the post-production section, Manuel Thielen joined as the tech guy and Priscila Hung was in charge of the Graphic design area, taking the ideas and turning them into vectors.

By 2017 the team was established, so the next step was to create relevant content. They wanted to show their audience what they were capable of doing. That period coincided with the series of protests that took place in Venezuela during the first quarter of 2017. Even though the Venezuelan society was going through a difficult moment, this girl did not let herself lose the purpose and motivation. Following the example of some media like The New York Times, she convinced the rest of the team to take advantage of their new video technologies and dive into the journalism field. 

Capiello’s aim was to immerse her team into the protests that were taking place, to show the world what was happening in Venezuela. She thought that, that, way, people all over the world would be able to make an honest judgment of the situation. They gathered up all the necessary equipment to protect themselves and went out to the streets. The result was an excellent material which can transport anyone who watch it to that place and moment.  

Although the production costs were very high, they decided to continue pursuing their vision. That was how Virtualtoo found Uriji. On behalf of her team, Clarissa created an Uriji account and posted her dream: “To show Venezuelan reality in VR to the world.”  The dream soon caught up the attention of many users, who believed in and therefore supported her cause. 

Lately, Virtual Too has expanded and now they’re trying out other commercial areas of virtual reality. In any case, Clarissa had a very noble idea for a great start, which let her find support in other people. 

We want to encourage you to raise your voice, to believe in yourself and go out there and start building your project. Remember that today’s rule is that there are no rules, so now is your turn. What are you waiting for? 

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