Why do business in a country in crisis?

Uriji Jami was born in Venezuela. For two years, this small out of the garage start-up has been developing rapidly. Firstly, internally with the progressive constitution of a team of young marketers, designers and engineers becoming increasingly skilful and competent. A team made up of only three people in the summer of 2015, counts more than twenty people today. Then, from an external point of view, Uriji Jami is developing now internationally having also settled in the United Kingdom and Panama. Finally, launching the application on the App Store and web allows the nascent social network to have a diversity of users. The start-up is ever developing technically and humanly … And yet.

Yet, given the local context, it’s impossible to dissociate Uriji Jami from the unprecedented Venezuela crisis experienced in recent years. Why start a company in one of the worst countries in the world to do business? How have our founders believed in a country? Many experts no longer believe in it, just as thousands of experienced entrepreneurs and qualified young people have left the country to realise their dreams elsewhere? What if this was the real strength of this young start-up? And if that was the genius of its two founders, a little crazy a little idealistic? These are the questions that one of our founders, James Aschehoug, tried to answer in his latest conference in Dublin, at the end of May 2017, as part of TechConnect Live, the biggest technology event in Ireland.

Marie Aschehoug-Clauteaux

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