The product, the ‘URIJI’ mobile app

URIJI is the first mobile app dedicated exclusively to sharing our dreams and our experiences to fulfil ourselves in life. It is a tool that not only highlights our past, our achievements but also and foremost, our future, our aspirations. It is the very first time that a social network is as involved in the future tense of its users.

The URIJI app is a concrete product. But this product is not an end in itself. Moreover, the social network is not a finality. In fact, it is simply the result of the question ‘why’. Why are we frustrated by our social networks experiences today?  Why is it that the time we devote to them reaps so little rewards in real life? It is the result of a long questioning crystallised in a vision from the two founders, Jean Clauteaux and James Aschehoug. A vision in which they wish to put life back, and all that defines who we are, that is to say, our story, past, present and future, at the centre of our interactions: “Life is our main asset”. Only in the last phase, is this vision realised through an iOS mobile app by our team of passionate IT developers in a garage in Caracas.

URIJI is a new way to live the social network. We are not there to share the most stories or dreams, we are not here to collect the most likes, to get the most comments and become the visual and ephemeral star of a virtual network. It is not about showing off. We are here to tell our story.

The App #2

I have been browsing on the URIJI app for three weeks, since its official launch on 15th November, I took my time: the time to post my stories and my dreams, the time to read those of the other hundreds of users. This app forces me to live the social network in a different way. When I post something, be it a dream or a story, I do not think about the ‘likes’ or the ‘comments’ I might receive. At the end of the day, I do not care. Rather I think of the way I will draft my dream, of the ‘why’ I will choose to write about a story rather than another. I think about my life story before thinking of what others will think. And strangely, the magic operates. We feel free.

Like a message in a bottle, we hope that one day, our story, our shared experience will help to fulfil the dream of someone on the network, on the planet. We also hope that one day our dream will come true thanks to the goodwill and know-how of someone else. Because our dreams are the stories of others, and the dreams of others are our stories. This is the dynamic of Uriji Jami. I am not static, but constantly evolving. And this network allows me to highlight all my potential, as diverse and paradoxical as it may be.

App - screen shots

By its novelty, URIJI destabilises the new user signing up for the first time in the app. But like all new projects, you must venture there, explore to get familiar with it and grasp the essence of this network. When we log into the URIJI app, we dive directly into a ‘thread’.  But unlike other traditional social network, the thread made up of “news” strictly speaking. These are dreams and stories that file past in front of our eyes like a merry-go-round. The principle of the app is simple: sign-up and fill a profile by posting dreams, or projects, and stories, or experiences.

When we log onto the application, we quickly realise that navigating, has never been better suited to the likes of URIJI, between the dreams and stories of everyone, most of which are perfect strangers, plunges us into a different way of living the social network experience: time is important, freedom essential. Each post is free and this freedom leads to trust. It is very moving to see some new users tell their dreams, their stories, take their time, confide. Because URIJI does not claim to replace other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram… No, URIJI is not a competing social network. It’s a different social network.

What makes us who we are today? Human beings don’t only have achievements, a past, but also a huge potential for imagination, creation, projection into the future. Jean Clauteaux likes to say that imagination makes the action possible, so let’s imagine!

Marie Aschehoug-Clauteaux


  • Andrew Beadle says:

    I am trying to sign up to your App but whatever username I put in the App either tells me it doesn’t recognise it or it’s already been registered. Please help.

    • Thorkil says:

      Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for your interest, to sign-up the first time please click right at the bottom of the screen on the button “Don’t have an account? Sign up”.

      Hope this solves your issue

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